In the Swedish press

Uppfinnaren Konstruktören Nr 2 1998
This Is How a Lace Should Go Through.
The unwillingness that little boys and girls have toward tying their shoe-laces made Johan Holmberg in Mora think. Touring some of the shoe shops resulted in the notion that there was a clear need for something other than the system of velcro fastening - which had a short life-span and consequently, dissatisfied customers.
All this happen during a time when Johan Holmberg was on sick-leave. Soon enough he worked out a method to tie the shoe-laces with the help of a mechanical knot. His idea turned into an invention. Two of the biggest wholesale dealers for athletic shoes became interested, a designer was engaged as well as a plastic manufacturer and a distributor. Patent was applied for, not only in Sweden but also in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe. The Swedish patent has been approved and approval is pending for the other patents. Both SIC and Almi invested money and a bank helped with a loan.
The sale has already started. The knot is packed in a neat packing that should appeal to all guys from three years old and above, or at least their mothers.
Johan Holmberg named his company Lazylock AB. A school-book example of how a good idea is turned into an attractive product. Now the US market is waiting.
Runner´s World April 1998
The Shoe-lace Lock.
Do you remember John Kagwe, the winner of last year's New York Marathon, who's shoe-laces untied three times during the race? If he had used the new Swedish invention Lazylock, then he wouldn't have had that problem. Then he wouldn't have had to stop to re-tie his laces (as he did twice) or run with the laces loosely hanging around his feet (as he did during the last five kilometers of the race).
Lazylock, a gadget as simple as it is ingenious, is very affordable (SEK 69.00). Sold as accessories at athletic and at shoe dealers.
Expressen 21 juni 1998
Cleverest shoeknot.
The shoelace-lock, "Lazylock" locks shoelaces into place so they don´t loosen, plus they can then be easely opened. Perfect for children that are in too much of a hurry to tie thier shoes, also for handicaped people that have trouble whit shoe-tieing.
Retailprice 69 SEK. Normaly sold in sports- and shoestores.
Sportfack Nr 3 Mars 1998
Lazylock Will Tie the Shoes without a Knot.
Lazylock is a new small product that will make life easier for those people who don't bother to tie their shoe-laces. Despite the name, it is a Swedish invention (the Swedish translation reads "Latlċs"), patent pending in five European Union countries as well as the US and Canada. The Swedish patent is already approved. The inventor behind the product is Johan Holmberg in Mora; like everybody else in Sweden he noticed that the children were walking around with their shoe-laces untied. He assumed that the "untied fashion" appeared from pure laziness and took it upon himself to construct a suitable lace-lock for shoes. The result of this thinking process was Lazylock, which is also by the way the name of the company he created for this product.
Lazylock is a small plastic gadget in which the laces go through in a certain way and when that is done, one never has to lace up the shoes again. Locking takes place by holding the lace-loop while pulling and lifting the frame backwards/upwards. In order to release the pressure one pushes down the clamp and pull the lacelock forward.
Lazylock is distributed in a blister-packing and comes with a manual; the consumer price is SEK 69.00. The product is available in many different colors in order to fit both different shoes and different tastes, it was available in shoe stores as of fall 1997. For the moment, Johan Holmberg is looking for a distributor in order to enter the Swedish market on a broad basis.
Skohandlaren Nr 21 1998
The Lock for the Lazy.
This is the end to tangled shoe-laces for fumbling child-hands and stressed athletes. With Lazylock, the shoe-lace is tied up so hard that the lace will not glide or untie. With a simple pressure on the lock mechanism, the lace can be loosened up enough to allow the foot to come out of the shoe.
Turist Nr 2 Sommaren 1998
Shoe Lock for the Lazy.
Lazylock proposes to solve the problem with shoe-laces that tangle and knots that untie. It fits the majority of shoe-laces, except for the real coarsed ones. The laces are locked up in a way that they will not glide. A way to escape the re-tying and the double-knots.
Ute Magasinet Nr 1 1998
Do you have a problem with tangled shoe-laces? Lazylock is a small regulator which locks the laces hard enough so they don´t glide. There is no longer a need for re-tying and double-knots. Lazylock is supposed to fit all laced shoes, with the exception of the real coarsed ones. This is a Swedish patented invention with a consumer market price of SEK 69.00.